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1020 Grand Concourse
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Branding, Practice Management and Billing for Medical Practices

Electronic Claims Submission & Data Entry

We perform all data entry accurately and review all claim submissions to ensure that claims are processed correctly, reducing claim payment delays and denials. Our electronic claim submission process offers quick turnaround times and expedites payment processing.

The most basic part of billing – the one that actually determines how your claims get paid is the data entry process. Electronic claims submission is the most accurate way to submit claims, and precise data entry is key to timely, accurate claim submissions.

The professionals at Clinic Logic analyze your charge, submission and data entry process and then suggest the most effective electronic claims submission and data entry process for your practice. You can choose to have us setup the system, train your staff to bill properly and efficiently, and provide ongoing support, or we can handle the entire process on your behalf, including accurate outsourced data entry solutions.

Our electronic claims submission will help you reduce errors, decrease administrative, and increase and speed up payment of claims.

Clinic Logic ensures that you are using the most efficient and effective charge, submission and data entry processes in order to expedite payment processing, avoid errors, and increase your revenue stream.]