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1020 Grand Concourse
New York, NY, 10451
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Branding, Practice Management and Billing for Medical Practices




Yes it does. A brand reflects your company, your professional philosophy and is how the public perceives you. A brand is more than just the logo, or name – it is your professional image, the way your business feels. Let us help build your brand with proven strategies that are specific to medical practices.

Brand Development

Clinic Logic knows how to build strong, reputable brands. We create practices that people want to go to, and pay for. We strategize on every aspect of your practice – from the name, logo, marketing materials, office space, public relations and more. We build a brand based on trust and professionalism because that is what patients are looking for.

Our brand development will grow your business faster than traditional methods solely based on referral. Attract and retain more patients with smart, targeted branding strategies. We also help keep your brand and image fresh to keep your business attracting new patients all the time.

Brand Management

Successful brands are not simply developed, launched and then forgotten. They must be managed to remain successful. At Clinic Logic, we manage your brand to keep it fresh, updated and put out current marketing materials to keep up with the times.

Websites need to be updates, but we do more than that. We build strong public relations and effective advertising campaigns to keep your practice relevant and known. Continue to build your future practice with smart, effective and profitable brand management. 

Clinic Logic manages your brand so that you can focus on what you do best -- caring for your patients.

Facility Development

When setting up a medical practice you have to make lots of decisions. At Clinic Logic, we have the know-how to design, build and furnish your office to best suit your needs.

We can work within any budget to appropriately equip your office with the features needed. We know how to make high-volume locations work, and to pick the best materials and most efficient layout.


Smart advertising can build and maintain a strong practice. At Clinic Logic, we know how to target your audience and get the greatest impact. We know how to market and advertise in any market in the US and for any kind of medical practice.

At Clinic Logic, we can help you avoid costly advertising mistakes. We operate as media consultants and draw on our knowledge and experience within the industry so that your advertising budget is invested in avenues that are proven to bring results.